I chose architecture because…

I was all of 17 and it was then that

I chose architecture because…

  1. I liked the sound of the word. Something lofty about it and yet it seemed grounded. It meant, to me, to build something admirable.
  2. It seemed to promise a sense of freedom. I was so done with the dullness of sitting on computations and the rolling out of theoretical ideas that I craved to do something new, something more tangible and active.
  3. I liked the idea of being consulted, asked for my opinion. I wanted to be in a place where I could lend value and that value was taken to a tangible conclusion. I aspired for this future of responsibility.
  4. It seemed to be about working with people and offering service. That meant interaction and a dialogue. I know it had the potential for relationships to be made and some maybe, cherished for life.
  5. There was the scope for art in the realm of architecture. Delving into the world of imagination and of creative expression.
  6. There also was the science and humanities of building. The technology of putting together a physical structure, the discipline of organized team work and the study of physical, social and cultural patterns of a place.
  7. The world of imagination and the real world of community contact seemed to be enveloped in this profession. It was, for me, the encompassing field of all.
  8. It was being offered as a complete university bachelors degree course, including skill training and internship. And it was being offered to me in a reputed national institute of technology.
  9. I understood the risks of not finding work, I was simultaneously aware of the unending possibilities of adding value through my work. I felt I could bring something new. It scared me and therefore thrilled me.

I could be on my own in this battle as I was taking a new path, a road less travelled. I wanted to discover myself through this journey.

by Samarendra M.Ramachandra 

                                                              Featured image: http://www.shutterstock.com


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