The Pyramids and Men

And that, it was made by men

In that, it was raised for men

Who were mighty, chosen amongst men

For a journey destined beyond of men.


And that, this obsession of men

Was carried as rituals, rigours of men

With extreme rites and rules of men

In sand, on stone, borne by men.


In boxes, boats and bodies of men

They wait for men to return as men

For eternity seems, in the hands of men

To stall, to wall and by the will of men,

Time, tide and the story of men.


And yet, we see these Gods made by men

Are now weathered and waned, as do men

Plundered, punished and ported by men

To places where vanity has affected men.


Those who ruled over all men

Are now stared at and sullied by men

Glory lost, treasures taken to men

Who then sold them to other men.


Yet, there is this presence among us men

As something that pervades in all men

Unseen, unheard and unknown to men

Silent, steady and superior to men.


Something that is not a thing like men

Someone that has no name like men

Seen only by eyes that are not of men

Felt by senses rarely used by men.


The pyramids were surely made by men

Yet there is something that is beyond men

That holds their secret unknown to men

Built in a spirit, that is now lost to men.


 by Samarendra M. Ramachandra

                                                                                 Featured image: Samarendra M. Ramachandra



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