The rise and shine of my skyline


I have this property, you see.

One that is God-perfect. I mean, I have insulated it from all bad karma. That is not to say how I paid for the land, but how I got the pundits of vaastu, the envy of my peers and the approval of my wife all neatly tied up to acquire it.

Yes, I love this land. My land. I have even put a big boundary wall on it, paying a watchman to watch it. I watch the watchman. You never know.

My architect? Yes, of course. He is a brand.  Well, I want the brand. This guy travels to Italy, and all of Europe, has done projects for the who’s who. That’s why he is my architect. He does not charge less. I like that attitude! Plus he gives many options to choose from.

Options for elevations. Plans, as you know, have to be as per vaastu norms. I also know how much I can violate the regulation norms, but that I cannot discuss here.

Let me be clear. I have travelled and seen the world too. And, I know it is my intelligence and discerning power to choose from the trends and pick the best elevation. Of course, it cannot be best until I add my value to it. Modifying it to make it perfect!

My neighbours?  Well, I intend to surpass them of course, my house is going to be different, more in touch with the new materials I must say. It will set a trend I am sure. I intend it to stand out… anything but the ordinary. I know that the guy opposite my house has built a new house, but mine, I assure you is more cutting edge. I have more glass, more cladding.

The city? Well, it has to be interesting and up with the times, I think. What is the use of history?  It has to be new … like the new cities, one needs to feel as if one is in another part of the world, developed. Shiny, all glass, elevator, air conditioning….

I think people like me know how to make this happen.  We are the smart ones.

by Samarendra M. Ramachandra

Featured image: Perth Arena, Perth. Photograph Credits: Priya Tadinada




  1. ….And why not? Is this site and the edifice that sits proud upon it, not a celebration of my story? A fruit of my labour? A testimony of my hard earned success? Don’t I reserve the right to decide what I want and get?

    They say My building is out of place and context. They say that my building is a blot on the city skyline, a sore thumb and so many other nasty things. But they weren’t there when I stood before that house on that day in that country and decided that I would own something like this, someday. Do they have an account of the things I had to sacrifice along the way to build my dream?

    Who are they, anyway? I’ve never seen them. I do imagine them, sometimes. I imagine them to be a faceless, nameless mass with a mouth, and yes, a tongue in that mouth – A massive, wagging, venom spewing tongue!
    They find the glass and steel structures too unsustainable, and when something sustainable is built, they are quick to retort, “Oh, it was done for LEED points!”.
    They find history enduring, and yet, they scoff at the neo classical houses that stand proudly in the more leafy neighbourhoods of the city.
    They are extremely quick to find fault with a design.
    Well, I guess their opinion (and the takers of those opinions) are their drug…..It helps them sleep at night.
    Me? I sleep quite well in my Vaasthu appointed master bedroom, on a tudor bed with a branded mattress and quilt. Thanks for asking.

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    1. wow!.. and you are angry. i guess there is so much of elite opinion all around that it drowns sensitive thought.
      people become defensive and agitated because a personal right seems to be threatened. the right to exist and the right to survival and sustenance are all mixed up into a huge mess of solitary ideas.
      some day we will see them as one . the city and the house.
      great writing asghar!


  2. Yes! I have done it all right. The right amount of glass and the lavish elevation. Yes I remember that day when I stood in front of that fancy bungalow and wanted to make one of my own… I did it!.

    I have put the finest of flooring , most elite furniture and the designer curtains.

    Now that it’s all done. I should click a picture for them to see it… I shall check in! for this is the IT area in town they say.

    I stood in front of the house just as in front of that other one. But this time it was mine!

    I clicked a beautiful picture. Somehow not recognising the one reflecting in my glass

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  3. But why? Why do I have to match or surpass my neighbour’s house? Why do I have to believe in this so called societal pressure of having the best house in the society or the colony? Why do I have to spend in the way of just looking better? The house is meant for me. For me to stay. For me to live in. Spending money is a wise decision, but only when its done in the right manner.

    Hiring an Architect or the best Architect for my skyline adds a value to the whole design ‘In and Out’. It’s not a facade. Its not just superficial. Hiring such an architect will benefit me in the correct planning of the spaces, which is the most important aspect for me as I have to live in it. He’ll make my life better. He’ll make my house a home. He’ll help me make the right decision of choosing materials, colour, furniture, fittings, etc.

    I agree, elevations are important. but definitely not the most. If elevation would have had such an impact on the society, Antilia would have been a little better (in my opinion). And I do understand the fact that a house cannot be full glass or stone cladded everywhere. But my Architect would know how to use the right amount of materials (be it any where).

    P.S. : I cannot be uncomfortable in a double breasted suit (which is considered a level higher by the society when it come to suits), when I know I can be comfortable in a simple blazer.
    It’s all about comfort than looks.

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    1. i like the intensity of your thoughts! It is an architect’s wish that some day more and more people will think this way. maybe you will make people see that! thanks for sharing naseer.


  4. Humans are always driven by emotions and pride & fear always played a major role. If these people are capable of waging wars or killing their own planet to satisfy these basic emotions, we cannot actually blame a common man’s selfish desire to make his ‘dream home’ stand out in the society and stuff it with all the pointless luxuries of life.
    But, for the young architect who dreams of saving the world and eliminating all the world’s greatest miseries with his skill and knowledge, this might be a problem… :/

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    1. dream on vindhuja! maybe not all of human miseries, but some difference to the world can be accomplished. Being gentle with people who have selfish dreams and yet sharing your learning with them will pave the way for better understanding, i think.
      all the best.


  5. It’s more like walking through the museum where I can click a selfie in front of the same but different types of glass looking at me when i walk through the streets . But then there are also pieces of art that literally replicate the good old times.
    It is good to take precedents from the past and the new western culture but something that’s more to be learnt by you dear client is, it is your piece of dream, I know you would want it to be unique. But why do you want to morph it with something when we architects want to make it convenient to you to live in and your community to look at. Well if the so called vaasthu makes you convenient then we are ready to give that fixed planning and make your building to make it a museum piece. Just a museum piece good to see.


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